About Us

The mission of this website is to bring flood information into an accessible format for all Texans.

Texas is no stranger to flood. With its diverse geography and extensive, hurricane-prone coastline, the state frequently leads the nation not only in structural damage but also in loss of lives related to flooding events. Given the deadly nature of floods and the rapid timeframe in which they can occur, being ready for the next event is essential. We have scaled back to the sea of flood related resources while trying our best to provide a jumping off point for Texans who need to dig deeper in their journey for information, resources, and support regarding flood awareness and preparedness.

This website was developed in collaboration with GLO, TDEM and TWDB.

  • Texas General Land Office
  • Texas Emergency Management
  • Texas Water Development Board

Website Disclaimer This website will not be updated with new information regarding specific and ongoing flood events. In such circumstances, when a flood is forecasted or actively occurring, please follow your local officials as well as the governor and the Texas Division for Emergency Management for specific guidance.

For questions about flood, please email us at flood@twdb.texas.gov.